Monday, October 23, 2006

This Week's Happy Song

Okay, in the spirit if lightening up, here is this week's happy song. I mean, how can you listen to Crash Test Dummies and NOT smile? I can't.

Here On Earth (I'll Have My Cake)

by Crash Test Dummies

Some folks say that life is just a veil of tears
Not me man I can't pack enough into these years
I don't care if it's spring summer winter or fall
Make no fuss about the seasons, 'cause I like 'em all

Here on earth I'll have my cake
Gonna eat it too, make no mistake
'Cause if it's a question of to be or not to be
I'll put on my boots and go see what I can see

My grandpa, well a good Christian life he led
Worked like a dog just to put a roof over his head
He said that when he died he'd get his reward
'Cause heaven's a place where you don't pay room & board

When I die, I hope I don't die too slow
But slow or quick, I hope heaven is the place I go
Old St. Pete's gonna serve me my pie in the sky
And I'll say "Pete, a side of ice cream, if you don't mind."

2 comments: said...

I love crash test dummies! he's just got an awesome voice.

Chick said...

Yah, he sure does! I love it, too!