Monday, November 06, 2006


Well, there has been a lot going on this week - some rather big things happening in my little life.

1. Erin is home. She arrived home on yesterday morning from Montreal. She is here to stay for awhile. And when I say home, I don't mean in our house, but in Vernon - back at her old apartment. The whole Montreal thing was too much for her, too far away, too much pressure, too many things to sort out all on her own. So she decided to give that up for now and come home, recuperate, save some money and go to Vancouver. I don't know if she is going to persue fashion design there or not. Anyways, it is good to have my girl home.

2. My brother Layne is living with us now. He arrived from Calgary late Wednesday night and already has 3 job interviews for today and tomorrow. Its good to have him here, if not a little crowded. Right now he is sleeping in the living room and slowly we are getting things organized and finding space for his stuff. Erin also brought more stuff to put in the basement (how did that work? I thought she would be TAKING some of her stuff OUT...). I'm starting to feel like our house is bulging at the seams... But it is a blast having Layne here. He and Dean get along so well and he is so tidy, it is great to have another adult around to drive kids places, wash the dishes, (he cleaned under all my appliances, even... and scrubbed the stove...) and just to have my brother close and to talk and share our lives. I love that. (any more of you want to move the Okanagan? hehe)

It is a little threatening to have someone living in your house. It is immediately different from a visit. When it is a visit, I pull out the stops, clean the house, make special food and devote all my time to the visit - put everything else on hold. But this is the real deal - what most people don't see. Kaetlyn and Dean fighting, laundry undone, the kitchen messy and life.... just life... the way my life is most of the time. Well, my brother is still here so I guess it can't be that bad.... but I feel vulnerable...good thing he is such a great brother!

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