Thursday, November 30, 2006

Okay, it's done

Well, I have been stationed in front of the computer for the last 3 days working on making a blog to sell my hats. I've fussed and I've experimented and I have learned A LOT - especially a lot about paypal - more than I ever wanted to know about making buttons.... Did you know you don't have to have a credit card for paypal? You don't! My kind brother made a beautiful banner for me. (I know you would have, too Bean - but he was here and he did it in a half hour) Go check it out at And most importantly, please spread the word to anyone that you know that might like a beautiful handmade hat. There are 16 hats up right now. I have pictures of 36 on my computer and a total of 46 hats available. I'll be updating daily but I think there is enough to get started now. I really appreciate everything you can do to let people know about it - more than an anonymous site asking for money.

Feedback is always appreciated. I'm proud of myself. I think it looks pretty good.


stottle said...

hey, I like it. Looks good! I'll spread the word. said...

yah, I already know of some peeps that need toques, I'll let 'em know. heck, *I* want some of those!