Thursday, December 14, 2006

More on a Winter's Dawn

I couldn't resist taking another picture of the winter dawn. (although as Rhiannon would point out, it is not yet winter...) Here is the view out of my kitchen window as I stood there cooking hashbrowns and eggs for Kaetlyn and her friend this morning. I love dawn - the sunrise.

What is it I love about dawn so much. I suppose it is the same thing I love about piles of fabric and piles of wool - it is the potential. Dawn is so quiet and still, there is a peace about it. A promise. Nothing has happened yet in the day. Everything is possible.


Mary-Sue said...

mmmmmm. i love dawn too. but only when i've had enough sleep... i love reading your blog! it gives me warm fuzzies!!

Julie said...

So this was Maggie's comment as she read over my shoulder:

"Who's Dawn?" :)