Monday, March 19, 2007


I spent the entire day outside yesterday. Rhiannon and I started the day with another hike down to Cosen's Bay with some friends. Although it wasn't really sunny, it was a beautiful day. This was supposed to be a picture of Rhiannon running through the water (she wore her bathing suit this time) but by the time I clicked, she had run.... Its a nice picture of Cosen's Bay anways.....

With the sudden onset of freezing and snow in the fall, there were beets and carrots unpicked in my garden. So, here is my 'spring' harvest (although it isn't spring until Wednesday). Those are purple dragon carrots. I ate one yesterday - still delicious!

When we got back from the hike, I couldn't bear to go inside when it was so beautiful out! Rhiannon and I set to work on the gardens. Here we are about half way through. The bed on the left is mostly weeded. On the bed on the right you can see the remains of Drew's winter jumps - pieces of his old dresser that he used for it....

The cats kept watch over us from high up the trees.

Rhiannon is a great helper. She also had compassion for the 'weeds' we pulled out and tried to find other places for them to grow. She said they needed to 'learn' not to grow in the garden.

Here is what it looked like when I ran out of energy at about 5pm. Both beds are weeded. The sawdust is spread and my new bed is started.

Then we made a cooking fire out of the many, many sticks and twigs that have blown off the trees in the winter winds and roasted smokies and had rootbeer floats and came in smelling smoky! I had a bath and fell into bed loving the feeling of spending the entire day outside!


Heather said...

I love that feeling too - accomplishing a good day of work in the garden where you can actually see the results of your efforts, a hot bath and bed with some soreness in the muscles. Love this time of year.

beetlemack said...

haha, that's really cute what rhiannon said.

Mary-Sue said...

I LOVE this post! SO inspiring! REALLY? you can eat carrots left in the ground all winter??? If that's the case then I'm growing thousands of them this summer! hee! Love your hardworking, smoky-cooking outdoor day. Thanks for sharing!