Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Pump Update

So we had a wonderful meeting on Friday night. I am so grateful to everyone who came out. This is the pump that Kaetlyn wants. She wants the black one... And I can hardly believe that so far we have earned $1550.00. $1030 was donated through the website and the rest brought to our celebration of support get together. Thank you all my dear friends. It did my mother's heart so much good to see my daughter surrounded by her community - her tribe. I could see how much it meant to her. And many others have contacted me with their intention of support. Thank you to all of you. I will keep our progress posted here. And Bean, would it be possible to make some kind of graph so that we could see how close we are getting to our goal?

Here are the candles and all the written intentions of the people who came.

Here they are glowing into the night - our beacon of hope.

So we decided on a couple of courses of action. We are going to have a huge garage sale April 28/29. We are working on location - hope to have it somewhere central. Some of her friends are organizing a bake sale at the new Safeway (Vernon Square). If you'd like to be involved, too, let me know. We are going to contact local Rotary and Lion's clubs and ask for their support. We have decided against Variety for a couple of reasons. The biggest one is that the pump would belong to them and we would not be free to trade it in for another pump. We will also be having some kind of celebration on May 10 - that is Kaetlyn's 16th birthday. Our goal is to have her pump by then. And we plan on raising in excess of what we need to Kaetlyn and being able to donate money to another child's pump and perhaps start a fund raising stint in Vernon until every child in our community who wants a pump, has one - so that no child isn't able to have the best in medical care because of finances or the lack of insurance. You can still donate or order cards from here:

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beetlemack said...

i'm sure you could mark the progress with a chart. i don't know very much about that, but i could look into it if you want