Friday, March 02, 2007


It started last Sunday. Dean got that horrible, horrible flu going around. By Tuesday night I had it. I haven't been so sick with the flu since I was 18 and at BYU. On Wednesday, I was totally out of it. My head was excruciating and every centimetre of my body was aching. I actually cancelled everything we had on our schedule today (Friday) and I have never done that before for my own sickness. I cancelled my Butterfly Class and Rhiannon's violin lesson. This afternoon Rhiannon came down with it. She couldn't even walk up the stairs to bed or eat an entire popsicle.

And to my dismay, I discovered the beginning of a coldsore in the weirdest place - on the inside of the middle of my bottom lip... I usually get one in February.... I almost made it!

Anyways, I have lots to update - news about my knee - news about Kaetlyn's insulin pump. Look for it over the next couple of days as my eyes can stand looking at the screen and my spelling makes more sense...:)

I leave you with this funny scenario from bedtime the other night:

Rhiannon was watching me get changed for bed after a meeting I had on Tuesday - she woke up when I got home.

Rhiannon: Why don't you wear your bra to bed?
Me: Because it isn't comfortable.
Rhiannon: oh......
Me: Do you want me to wear my bra to bed?
Rhiannon: yes
Me: Why?
Rhiannon: Because it makes your breasts not baggy....

hehe from the mouths of babes!


Heather said...

That is too funny! That is the kind of tidbit that we say you need to give a "spew" warning to your readers so that we don't spit tea at the computer screen when we start laughing.
Hope you are all feeling better soon, it is a nasty bug going around.

katie said...

we had that bug--or one like it. it really wipes you out.