Monday, July 16, 2007


Rather unusual for us, we had company for 16 days straight. So it feels rather like we have been on holidays for 2 weeks.

First Martha came, my sweet, beautiful, little sister. It was so nice having her here - great talks, walks to Friesens for treats, laughing and beaching. She was here for 10 days - left the day after my birthday. She got to meet my closest friends here in Vernon and come out for my awesome birthday dinner. It was just so good to be near her, to hug her and to spend time with her.

Then, the day after she left, Ronni and Megan arrived from Calgary. The Okanagan put on its finest hot days. I have been so blessed with great friends. Just to hang with Ronni puts my life in a certain perspective. She has known me since Kaetlyn was 4 months old. We met at church serving in Young Women's. It was a funny beginning. There were 3 of us and our other friend, was always worried that we didn't like each other and so we each thought that we the other didn't like the other (if that makes sense). Finally one day as we were running errands together (picking up field hockey equipment for some activity, if I recall correctly), I got up the courage to ask her why she didn't like me. And we have been fast friends ever since. She moved away from Winnipeg and introduced me to e-mail in its very early days. We wrote long e-mails to each other. I saw her through a bad relationship and she saw me through the end of my marriage. She knows about everything there is to know about me.... and she even loves me anyways! She has been such a gift to me. I love the continuity of our friendship and how we are embedded in each other's lives.

And so we holidayed together - it's become our tradition the last couple of years. She comes here at the beginning of the summer and we go there at the end. So this last week we went almost every day to the beach, we went to the water slides, ate ice cream at the Garden Parlour, went out to Alexander's and talked and talked and talked, took the girls out to BP in their fancy dresses and talked and talked and talked.

I miss her....

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Anonymous said...

I miss you, too, sweet friend. And it was broomball equipment for winter camp for YWs. So NOW I am feeling superior. Thank you for a terrific week, and for handing my soul back to me in small pieces as you always do so that I can return home more whole than I arrived.
Love you!