Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Perfect Day

Yesterday I had the perfect day. Nothing could have made it any better. So what was my perfect day you ask? Well it started with a quiet morning, up all by myself. The first thing I did was to call my mother and wake her up. It only seemed appropriate considering what I put her through 42 years ago - waking her up at 7am was not so bad. We had a nice chat and I went to work in my garden. I weeded and hoed a bit and planted some seeds - seemed like the thing to do. I make up my own rituals. So I planted seeds with my hopes and dreams for this new year - the things I hope to grow in myself.

Dean made a delicious breakfast and then we packed up to hike into Cosens Bay with lunch food and beach toys.

The hike was beautiful on the sun dappled path and with the incredible view of the jade green lake and rare mariposa lilies blooming.

And for a special treat I had my sister visiting for 10 days so she was here for my birthday. Here she is carrying the cooler bag down to the beach.

It was so beautiful down there. The water was warm and clear and so very green. There were a bunch of boats at the other end of the beach but the hikers beach was almost entirely empty except for us. Everyone was there except for Kaetlyn who is not quite ready for hiking yet...

Dean, Martha, Rhiannon, my handsome boy.

We swam, we visited, we ate, we floated around and laid in the sun. It was really the perfect day!

But it only got better. We were home by 4 in the afternoon. Kaetlyn, Martha and I got ready to go out and meet some friends for dinner.

Here we are, all gussied up. I think we look pretty hot, don't you? What could be better than going out with my beautiful daughter and my sweet sister to meet some of my closest friends? I can't think of anything....

And my friends spoiled me.

Gave me wonderful gifts and we had great conversation. After they kicked us out of the restaurant, we talked in front on the sidewalk for an hour.

I am so blessed. I have such wonderful friends! I started a new journal yesterday for my birthday and I brought it for everyone to write it to get me started. This is what Kaetlyn wrote: "Amazing,that is how I think you are. I hope I end up as amazing as you with loving friends like yours...." And I am sure she will be far more amazing but she is right, I do have wonderful, loving friends. I am so very blessed. At the end of my perfect day I was filled up with sun, with water, with great food and conversation and with the wonderful, healing, rejeuvenating love of my family and friends. It was truly the perfect day.

And when I got home, late last night, this lily that one of my friends gave me earlier was blooming.


Mary-Sue said...

A beautiful birthday for a beautiful soul... and to end off 07.07.07 with the blooming of a peace lily is truly a hopeful sign... Happy Year to you!

katie said...

i'm glad you had such a good day. i like your daisy wreath

Dragonflydownunder said...

Happy 007 birthday Superwoman!! Sounds like a great start for a great year. said...

yeah, happy birthday! it's late, but I did think of you on your birthday. it's written in my calendar, after all. :) I'm glad it was such a good day. say hi to martha for me.