Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mazal tov

Here is someone's first egg. We are not sure who. Is it Brownie's? (the former Pinkie but her feather's grew in) Is it Fluffy-the-for-sure-hen's? She is supposed to be an early laying breed (she is almost 5 months). Is it Marigold's? (who we once thought was a rooster but now think is a hen) Is it Edgar's? Who we first thought was a hen, then thought was a rooster and now we are just wondering as s/he has yet to crow or lay an egg and has characteristics of both... It is a rather weird colour of brown that you can't quite tell in the picture - kind of a taupe colour, rather than the creamy brown of the Silver Laced Wyandottes. Could it be the pink that they say Ameraucana's can lay (in which case it would be Edgar)
It means keeping a close eye on the nest box to see who goes in and out and what they leave behind.

Edited to add: It was Brownie's egg (our Buff Orpington). I caught her coming off the nest this morning. So wahoo! We've fed her for 6 months and she finally laid an egg! Yay!

Edited to add: actually it was Fluffy's egg... Brownie did eventually lay an egg but this one was Fluffy's - it has a very distinctive colour.

I am so excited. That means we got 4 eggs today. 4 eggs. That is the most since we acquired them in May and we only have 4 mature hens right now. So that would be really awesome. It means either that they are all laying or that some of our chicks have started! Yippeeeee!

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ooooh, how exciting! gee, silver laced wyandottes? FANCAY. andreas' dad gave me a book on making money from chickens (written in the 40's actually, it's really neat) a long time ago and I remember reading something about wyandottes being one of the finest breeds.

Andrea said...

Well, we are fond of ours... If you ever want to start your own flock...