Monday, November 05, 2007

Mexico Bound

November 16 will mark 10 years since Dean and I began our journey together and became a family. Last year when we celebrated our 9th anniversary we made a plan for this year. Each year on our anniversary we try to do something that we have never done before. Usually it is as simple as hiking on a trail we never have before or eating at a restaurant we never have before. But 10 years is a big deal - to us anyways. We have both long surpassed any previous relationships and we are still happy with each other and growing and learning together (not that it is always easy or even fun but it is rewarding). We wanted to do something BIG to commemorate 10 years to set us off into our next decade together.

We decided to go to Mexico. Neither of us has ever been. The farthest south he has been was a family trip to California and the farthest I have every been is Las Vegas, Nevada when I was 18. Now this may be a small thing to accomplish for most but for us it is a big thing. We choose to live a simple lifestyle not requiring a huge amount of money that allows us both to pursue our dreams and live in a way that is true to our values. He plays his music and travels with his band and I homeschool our children and work at the Inner World School which has yet to turn a profit. And together we run our window washing business which is simple and allows us to live. So to save the additional money to make a trip like this required careful planning for the whole year. Something that neither of us is particularly good at, either - being more the 'in the moment', impulsive types.

But we did. Bit by bit. We got our passports in May. I started a secret savings account. And $50's and by $100's it grew. And we feasted from the garden and grew our own chicken and went on a family holiday, and worked and saved. Until last week end, we took our money down to the travel agent and bought two all inclusive tickets to a wee fishing village outside of Puerto Vallarta - Rincon de Guayabitos where the ocean temperature is 79 degrees (I can't even imagine that!) and this is where we are staying.

We leave on the 23 for a week. We fly out of Vancouver. Drew will be staying with Erin and the van in Vancouver, Rhiannon is going to Bozenka's and Kaetlyn is staying here to look after the chickens, cats and dog. I can hardly believe it.... we're really going....!


Mary-Sue said...

ooooooh! I can just IMAGINE you two lovebirds wandering the streets a pineapple and coconut drinks in hand, other hands clasped, snacking on “fish on a stick” from the outdoor grills BIG grin on each of you!!! The warm waters and sandy beaches sound like paradise. GOOD FOR YOU for making this happen!!! Can't wait to hear all about it and see your photos!!!

Karey said...

Good for you Andrea. You'll have so much fun.

beetlemack said...

oo, i just read about that place in the paper last night, and some other places nearby with neat beaches and things

Dragonflydownunder said...

Have a fantastic deserve it. Congratulations on 10 years too!