Sunday, June 22, 2008

Turns Out....

that I could probably not make a living as a person who determines the sex of animals. I have been completely convinced that the 2 chicks we hatched January 29 were both roosters. One was an Ameraucana and one a Silver Laced Wyandotte. Well, turns out that the odds are finally being evened out. (Remember last summer when I hatched 6 eggs and5 of them were roosters?).

I was feeding and watering the chicks the other evening, when an egg literally fell out of the bottom of the Ameraucana chick (I guess she is not a chick any more). Her name is Edie as she is the daughter of the black Ameraucana we hatched last summer who Dean named Edgar. The shell on the right is what I managed to salvage from that soft first egg.

This event precipitated a now obviously needed move from hanging out with our Amaraucana/Orpington chicks into the chicken coop where there was a nest box she could use. I moved her in with her hatch-mate, Chicken Licken (who I now also strongly suspect of being a hen) and some of this spring's chicks who I thought were probably hens (given my track record, perhaps we could count on them all to be roosters?) I left behind those I thought were probably roosters and given the croaking sounds coming out of there are several of them try to crow this morning, I may have at least been partly right... Anyways, after two days in the big coop with those mean big chickens, I found this wee blue egg laying on the ground of the coop this morning. It is about the size of a quail egg. As you can see, her first one was much larger - probably very lucky for her, it had a soft shell.

Anyways, I have been wanting my own Ameraucana hen for SOOOOOO long! I am thrilled to have one - especially one that is the daughter of my friend's hen who lays enormous blue eggs and that wild, gorgeous black rooster we hatched last summer.

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