Saturday, October 18, 2008

22 Years of Motherhood

Today is my celebration as much as it is hers. Twenty-two years ago she emerged to make me a mother - my much yearned for and much dreamed about daughter.

She came home from Calgary for her birthday. When I complained that she was leaving too little time for me and spending it all with her friends, she granted me the privilege of making dinner for her and all her friends. It was supposed to be 6 friends but somehow there ended up to be about 15 or so. Good thing I made 2 huge lasagnes. No left overs. And every plate and bowl I own is now dirty.

They have just left and I am exhausted in a happy way. It was such a pleasure to have so many of her friends here and listen to them joke and laugh and see the distance between my daughter and I get smaller and smaller as she becomes more of an adult. This year we pass the half way point. She is now more than half my age. My house was full of their young confident energy.

Of course, I make them all watch videos of her talking and singing at age 4. She was so cute! And I watch her at her party, my incredibly beautiful daughter. Happy. Sparkling. Nothing could be a greater gift to me.


Sher said...

Andrea- I googled your name and found your blogs. What a great post... amazing that Erin is 22. I didn't realize she had the same birthday as David. I love you and miss you. I'd love to hear from you.

Anonymous said...

Time passes for all of us including myself and family and it is good to see Erin and Andrea are healthy and having a good life. Happy 22nd Birthday have not seen you since I was 27. Cheers from Utah where I live with my son Sam(Erin's cousin by blood) and wife Kari who are LDS. And I am currently not, but non-denominational Christian by definition (could not accept LDS Polytheist and Eternal Family doctrines) Please feel free to check out my Facebook page with pix of this family. Dave K.

Andrea said...

Hey Dave, good to hear from you. Glad to hear you are doing well. Must be interesting living in Utah in your current philosophical state! Don't envy you!