Sunday, February 15, 2009


I had a sisterly treat this week. Bethany and I have been talking about her coming to visit me and on Wednesday morning she called to say that she could come that day. I met her and Ben in Kamloops (after some typically Clarke anxious moments...). So she arrived Wednesday evening and was here until Friday early afternoon. But we did at least a weeks worth of stuff in that time.
My favourite thing was her sitting down to the kitchen table shortly after she got here and saying, "so, what shall we make?" We tried a new recipe out of the Simply In Season cookbook I perpetually have out of the library - delicious sweet potato quesadillas and some samosoa quesadillas. It was very fun to cook together, I have to say!

The next day we spent the day visiting, reading and knitting up at the ski hill and didn't get home until dinner time, our day was far from over. We rented "PS I Love You" - a very satisfying chick flick (everyone around here is much too cool to watch one of those kinds of movies with me - one needs a sister for these things!). And while we watched, we made a simple baby quilt. Bethany luckily found fabric that she liked in my stash. We started and finished the entire thing that evening! This is how my 'studio' came to look like this. Bethany will want me to say that she did not make this mess personally but I will add, that somehow it happened while she was here... And she will also want me to say that before she left, it was restored to its former level of tidiness. Here is the proud Bean with her first baby blanket.

We took a break mid blanket to make a dessert that Beth had seen on a cooking show. It involved tortillas and the apple pie filling that I made from my own apples in the fall and some sweetened condensed milk that had been boiled for 2 hours in the can. They were absolutely delicious! So good that Dean and Rhiannon made more for breakfast the next day.

Early on Friday morning she made me this springy new skin which I love.

In the midst of all that crafty and cooking goodness there was some piano music. Some was solo Bean music and then there were duets and improvising with a certain young niece. I will leave you with a sample of their music.


Sarahstottle said...

Oh! I'm jealous! Sounds like you had lots of fun. Whenever sisters have fun together, I want to be there too. I have to say, Bethany is fun to cook with. We've discovered some wonderful creations together.

Caroline said...

Looks like you had a great time with your sister Andrea!
The duets were beautiful! I especially liked the first one.

mudsy said...

What a cool big sister---what a neat little sister. What fabulouus daughters I have in my eternal kingdom. What a refined sense they have for sisterly good times. I'm jealous too. As usual, I will take another uncalled for opportunity to feel totally proud---of "my" off-spring and how well they get along.