Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ring of Fire

Isn't that what you called it last year, Laura? That is pretty much what my mouth is right now. Although it is looking less and less like a mouth and more and more like a beak because it is protruding so much.

This photo was taken yesterday morning. If anything it is a bit worse this morning. You can see the first cold sore fading. You can kind of see one on my bottom lip in the middle and then you can see the enormous one on my upper lip. It actually spreads all the way up to my nostril as you can see in this next picture taken this morning. (wouldn't want you to miss out on my misery!) (click on the picture to see the wee fish eggs on their trek to my nostril and every single pore on my face...)

And yes, I am doing everything I know of. I am applying fresh aloe vera, tea tree oil and L.Lysine cream directly to the cold sores. I am taking massive doses of L.Lysine, vitamin C, proflavanoids, as well as vitamin D, E and a B complex. I am drinking hyssop infusion and nettle infusion and completely avoiding sugar, chocolate, nuts, peas and popcorn. And taking oregano oil 3 times a day.

I do think it is a bit better because of the L.Lysine. The fish eggs are tiny aborted fish eggs that aren't scabbing over. And it feels different on the inside of my lip than it usually does. However, feeling a little self-conscious about leaving the house with my lips sticking out 2 feet in front of me...

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