Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happiness 6

I have been a cat lover all of my life. It is a testament to how much I love cats and how much my husband loves me that we have as many as we do. He's allergic, after all. However, he seems to be able to tolerate our black and grey cats.

I love this picture of Sampson and Rosco. They are both asleep and didn't wake up when I took the picture, even. Rosco with is arms around Sampson's neck....

And right now we have a visitor who came along with Erin when she came back home. This is Saetia. She is a rather crabby cat but the way she hisses makes me laugh - she gets so 'into it' that she snorts between hisses. Rhiannon can mimick her perfectly.

Rhiannon took this picture of Saetia making herself comfortable in Erin Traxel's guitar case.

Cats know right when you need some loving. I know when I am counselling and it is intense, Rosco makes his way in and curls up comfortingly on their lap.

My cats. They make me happy!

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Sarah-Lynn said...

Ohh That picture is so cute!!!