Friday, March 13, 2009

Happiness 7

Happiness is making Borscht with my own beets who (why, yes, I used 'who'... beets are people, too!) have been waiting patiently in the bottom of my fridge for this very day. And of course, I used my very own chicken, too. The last of those noisy roosters from my laying chicks. This was a 2.8 lb Ameracauna rooster.

See? There he is!

I can't tell you how good this Borscht is. All others pale in comparison! Dean, who eschews borscht loves this borscht. You have just got to try the recipe. Its not that hard. You can do it!

Inspired by Angry Chicken I made these. Indeed! Why leave home? (gotta put a dent in my 25 lbs of coconut somehow!) These were awesome. So good!

Yup! happy, happy, happy!

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