Sunday, March 08, 2009

Happy Week

Okay, the weather is discouraging. It is -5 right now and there is fresh snow on top of the snow that has not melted yet from December. And it looks like it will be too cold for washing windows until at least Wednesday... -14 in fact. Or so they predict. I can only hope they are wrong.

In the meantime, though, I have a lot to cheer me up. Everyday I will be posting pictures of things that make me happy. Today I am ecstatic because of this:

Yes! Sprouts! Tomato sprouts to be exact! Green Zebra, Cherokee Purple (from you! Amy)Silver Fir Tree, and from seeds I saved myself which I called 'random mid-sized' and 'huge round tomatoes'...hehe

I think today if I had a camera on them all day, I would have been able to see them push through the soil. This morning when I checked there were 3 and then a few hours later, there were 5!

Rhiannon says, "what's the big deal, they're just sprouts?" I said, "oh no they're not. These are potential pounds of fresh, delicious tomatoes!"

I did an experiment this year. I have planted seeds regularly since Feb 21 - planting 6 more every 2 days and making note of the date I planted them. I wanted to see if they were really affected by the moon.

I believe that what we believe really affects the things around us and there is growing scientific proof of the power of our beliefs. And I think it could be possible that if one really believes that the moon affects germination, etc. that this belief could have some affect on germination.

My belief is that love is the most powerful force there is. So, I wrote on all of my paper pots how much I loved my seeds - lots of different love notes and then on the sides of the trays, I also wrote love notes to my seeds. And I have been loving them and sending them loving thoughts daily as I water them and keep them comfortable. This morning seeds planted Feb 19, 21, 23, and 28th have all sprouted. (that is all the days I planted them on except for some days in March) The ones planted on the 28th are under a grow light.

Anyways, today I am tomato loving and it makes me happy!


MoM said...

It makes me happy that you are so happy. Multiply that by a few other kids, I am really happy. Your tomatoes indeed look exciting and beautiful. Do you share? you are coming this way and an Andrea loved tomatoe plant or two on my balcony would be well loved by Dad and I.

Andrea said...

I would always have a tomato plant or two or three for you. The issue is getting them to you. Do you want me to bring some wee seedlings when I come? Or wait for bigger plants and more selection when Dad comes to pick up the lamb? said...

yay, take a picture of the cherokee purple when it grows! I'm so curious as to what it looks like.
I agree with you on plants and love. They're so sensitive to the environment, and love is a tangible force in the environment. So it does stand to reason..

sheila said...

I think I promised you some of those black hollyhock seeds last year, didn't I? Email me on SD and I'll get your address. I have some saved.

You are way ahead of me with the seed starting! I've only thought about it right now!

Oooh, my spam word is inglarp. Joy.