Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Rhiannon has gone camping with some friends this week. She left on Saturday and will be back this Saturday. I wondered how she would do - her first time camping without her dad or I. But she seems to be having a blast. Kaetlyn is hardly ever here - working and hanging out with friends, often staying over. And Andrew is busy all day riding his bike. So it has been pretty quiet around here.

It has given us time to do this on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday we went to Jade Bay on Kal Lake and Sunday we went to Dean's favourite spot on Okanagan Lake - Ellison and managed to snag our favourite rock. We ate good food, read good books and enjoyed each other's company. It was a very nice weekend. The beach without kids has been very rare in our relationship. Although I love being at the beach as a family, it was nice to be there just the two of us.

I've done some knitting and crocheting, watched some movies (Sense and Sensibility, Miss Austen Regrets, You Can Heal Your Life and finally North and South - all from the library). I've done some mending, sewed up some window washing rags and mops and finished doing my taxes... (I know its late but not as late as last year!)

Tonight I harvested a large basket of Linden blossoms which I am about to wash and set out to dry for tea. My Linden tree is blossoming as it never has before in the 4 summers we have spent here. The tea tastes like jasmine and my whole yard smells like it all day long - a beautiful, heady scent. A friend of mine who grew up with avenues of Linden trees says that the Linden blossom is a symbol for perfect rebirth. I like that. I have been feeling like I am being reborn this winter/spring/summer. I'm in the mood for a perfect rebirth. I'm going to make some of that tea right now!


Heather said...

I love all those movies. We were just talking about North and South at our last beach day...well, I was talking about it trying to convince the two people who hadn't seen it that they Needed! to see it. ;-)

Andrea said...

Well North and South definitely has that White Shirt factor that you all like to talk about. I was tortured by only seeing part of it at Girls Weekend in March and I had to wait this long to finally get it from the library. I thoroughly enjoyed it and good to knit to as well. If you can't look up - just imagine a moody shot of Elizabeth or Thornton and you haven't missed a thing!

Heather said...

What do you mean you haven't missed anything if you can't look up?? If you aren't looking at the moody shot of Mr. Thornton then you are missing a're missing THE thing. The thing that makes the movie so very worth watching. ;-) Sheesh!! I suppose next you'll try to convince me that Sense and Sensibility (or the Col. Brandon movie, as I call it) is just as good on mute?!?!

Andrea said...

Hold on, hold on! I didn't mean to be controversial! Myself, I hold the picture of moody Thornton in my mind while looking down - so actually I get even more Thornton time!

Samantha said...

Mmm, I've been holding the picture of moody Thornton in my my head since I saw N&S last week. Now that was a white shirt (sigh).