Friday, March 19, 2010

Almost Spring

My parents arrived here 2 weeks ago and it has been over-the-top busy ever since - especially given a couple of complications: my sister, Martha is in the hospital in Kelowna so I have been trying to visit her a couple of times a week and my parents brought a Norwalk virus type thing with them that has been working its way through our family.

I love it when my dad comes. He loves to build things and he loves the farm so I have a long wish list for him when he comes. Top of the list was to build me a new chicken coop and I am getting the best, most skookum chicken coop ever!

Here are some images of what we have been up to:

The coop is coming together - can you tell how awesome it is going to be?

Here is the growing rabbit family - 10 healthy babies growing fast - they made short work of the young grass here in the chicken tractor. They are really fun to watch as they dash about.

Here is the first thing he built - lambing pens. Aren't I looking professional now? One has now been moved into the sheep pen.

But we are still waiting for Brida to 'pop'.

Snowdrops and crocuses are blooming.

My parents - on their way out on their date night.

And here is Rhiannon - the latest one to get the flu.

4 comments: said...

you farm is getting to look quite sophisticated! are you going to paint the chicken coop?

Andrea said...

Yes, we're going to paint it red.

eryn. said...

things are looking quite nice. we just need to start working on your yard!

Sarah-Lynn said...

you're getting spoiled!! I think it would look really nice red.