Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Construction Updates

Well, yes, my parents are still here. Its been almost 4 weeks and it will likely be another week. But by the time they leave, it will look like a real farm around here! The '4 day' chicken coop has taken more than 3 weeks... But it is almost done now!

Here's the men at work. Andrew has put in long days working with his grandpa.

Here's the East side of the chicken house with it's custom window.

Here's the people door way - still under construction.

And here is the generous roost - my chickens won't be able to believe it after their cramped conditions!

Here are the ample nest boxes. They won't know what to do after all of them sharing only two of them for so long...

Here is my pathetic little chicken coop for comparison. When I let the chickens out, they all hang around my dad while he is working. I think they are saying 'thank you'!

Cypress' babies today. Can you tell how much they've grown in a week? Rabbits are amazing!

Rhiannon's rabbit, Marshmallow, had babies a week ago today. 4 white ones, 2 black ones and 2 black and white striped. 8 total. Aren't they sweet?

And in sheep news, here is Renauld. For some reason (the warm winter?) he is 'rooing'. This means that the wool makes a natural break and falls off. Which means I am deprived of my best wool producer.

And here is Brida... still hanging around.

And Draga - ever the camera hog. Looking pretty enormous herself these days. Who will be first?

2 comments: said...

Andreas likes the chicken coop. He wonders when he can move in?

Laura said...

maybe sheep will be born over easter!