Tuesday, March 02, 2010

A New Leaf

Its the beginning of March and time for a new leaf here to match my beautiful new skin by my talented and much younger sister. I'll try to show up here a little more often. It has been a busy, weird winter. We certainly made the most of the no snow and the spring like weather we have had since January. Not good for the environment, I know but good for window washers, that's for sure!

First up is news from the rabbitry. Our first batch of meat rabbits were butchered the beginning of January. We sold all but two. And no, I haven't eaten them yet but we will soon. When I took them to the place I get them butchered at, the woman loved my grey buck and kept him (he lives!). We traded for a doe unrelated to mine. She is a Californian and she is Rhiannon's rabbit. She named her Marshmallow. Here she is! She has just been bred with babies due March 19 - 21. We bred her to a New Zealand White and will keep one of the babies to complete our meat rabbit breeding pool... for now.... Marshmallow was not used to being handled and loved when we got her but Rhiannon has tamed her.

We bred Cypress as soon as her cage was empty and right on schedule she had her next litter. 10 strong and healthy babies - no runts this time. I watch them out of the kitchen window and they are such fun! I know it isn't a good place to have the rabbits longterm but I love having them where I can see them so well. There are 4 white, 2 greys, 1 black, 2 brown and 1 grey with harlequin markings (you can see her white striped nose in the cage picture). They get brought in almost daily to play. They are very sweet.

And here is the latest addition to our rabbitry. I went with my friend to check out some Satin Angora rabbits. And I came home with her. Andrew has named her Oranges. She is one year old and has been bred (before I bought her) with babies due March 15. Satin Angoras are quite rare - 5th rarest rabbit in North America apparently and this colour is supposed to be the rarest. Although it is not a colour I am especially keen on. I think her fur will go nicely with Brida's though... I am looking for a white buck. But so far I haven't even been able to find a Canadian breeder, let alone one in BC or Alberta... I have also ordered a white French Angora that I will pick up in Greenwood at the beginning of June. I am excited to add this fiber to my rabbit collection... But if anyone hears of any Satin Angoras for sale anywhere in BC or Alberta, please let me know!

So our rabbitry has really grown. I love the rabbits and to tell you the truth, they seem to be the easiest thing to make money with on the farm. They are the least amount of labour to look after and they are just so damn fun to play with, too.

Now I just need my dad to get here and build me some more cages....


bum.by.the.sea said...

ohh! THEY'RE SO CUTE! I love oranges...I like the names you guys come up with for your animals. Apparently I need to come visit soon so I can play with the bunnies! :D

beetlemack said...

I love them! I love Oranges too. Her fur looks soo soft. How do you make money off of rabits? Ben and I are both very interested.

Laura said...

do you shave angora rabits like sheep?

Andrea said...

I make money off of rabbits by

A) selling the babies as pets $15 a rabbit

B) selling rabbit meat ($12 - $15) - I have a wait list of those wanting it.

C) selling angora rabbits ($100 each)

And rabbits you can breed them every 2 - 3 months. And they are mammals and the mother does all the work and they are clean and cute and WAY easier than chickens to raise.

You can shave them but it is not the best way - you pluck them. It doesn't hurt the rabbit - its like brushing out a dog when the season changes and you get all that undercoat off.

Laura said...

like how many bunny pluckings would you have to have for say an angora scarf?

Laura said...
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Andrea said...

No idea, actually. I'll keep you posted.