Friday, March 23, 2012

Perfect Moments

Yesterday the sun was shining.  I have been suffering with the worst cold sores I have ever had.  I took the opportunity to sit with my face in the sun.  I sat my chair facing the sun and found myself looking at the hills of Kal Lake Park.  Suddenly I was longing to be walking up that hill in my bare feet on the warming spring ground with my dog.  So I just did.  I did take along some shoes just in case I found it unpleasant but it was even more wonderful that I imagined.  My feet felt so incredibly great on the earth.  I went the least trod path that didn't have gravel.  There was no one in the park - just me and Jodi and the birds.  It was so still and sweet and reverently quiet.  It was a series of perfect moment as I touched the rocks and the trees and just took it all in.  Breathed.  It was perfect.

Today was a busy day.  I had another 'Auntie Andrea' day with my nephews.  Only today, Adriel is having his first sleep over by himself.  After Sarah and Kyle left with Sloan, Andrew, Adriel and I headed out for a walk with the dogs - me on foot and them on bike.  Andrew, soft spoken with his 6'4" frame on his park bike and Adriel talking a mile a minute about everything - about what a great bike rider he is and about how amazing Andrew's tricks are.  Their voices drifting back to me  in the spring evening air as they ride ahead - Andrew's low dulcet murmurs and Adriel's excited, high voice.  Andrew doing tricks and Adriel showing him his tricks which mostly consisted of taking his feet off of his pedals and doing the 'bike splits'.  Adriel trying to copy some of Andrew's tricks.  3 dogs trotting by my side and the sun just above the hills sending long shadows.

When we got home, we did the chores before going out for ice cream.  Adriel loves doing the chores.  He and Andrew filled up the rabbit feeders as I filled the water bottles.  I am behind them as we walk into the house to get Rhiannon.  "You're a fun cousin, Andrew."  "You're a fun cousin, too, Adriel."



Beth-a-knee said...

i love that!

Laura said...

amen! beautiful post.

amyleigh said...

I want to visit you and go for a barefoot walk in the hills. I got goosebumps when I read of that because I know 'zackly what you mean and it made the same longing rise up in me!

Sarah-Lynn said...

I'm so glad that we live close to you now! You are such a blessing in my life. My kids are so lucky!