Sunday, December 16, 2007

Dance Magic

Last night was the performance of my first ballet class. I am always in awe of my young dancers but I have to say that last night was the most magical yet. These young girls are getting a feel for what ballet is really about. And it isn't about perfectly executed steps - although they can do that, too. It is about telling a story, about emotional expression and passion. Together we have watched quite a few ballets - both recordings and live - and I have to say they are really getting it!

Anyways, my words don't really do it justice. Here are some pictures of the magic....

And this... my favourite dancer of all time - enjoying herself at BP afterwards. Gotta love that purple ribbon. She was so happy about that ribbon "Oh Mom, just what I always wanted! I always wanted to have a ribbon in my hair! Thank you so much!"

Gee, a hair ribbon? That's all she ever wanted? I wish I done it ages ago!

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Amy Turn Sharp said...

those are lovely shots!