Sunday, December 02, 2007

Mexico Report

Well, I am sitting here as I usually do - with a microfiber undershirt, long-sleeved cotton shirt and wool sweater with my fleece pants on, socks and slippers. In front of the computer is one of the coldest spots in the house - probably thanks to the huge window it is in front of. It is -10 and there is snow - an inch or two on the ground and a light sugary dusting from last night. Only thing out of place is my brown hands typing. It is definitely weird for me to have a slight sunburn under my fleece pants!

Mexico was awesome! We loved it. What a wonderful way to celebrate our 10 years together. We swam in the warm ocean everyday. Bizarre to me to think that there are people there who have never swam in water colder than a bath tub....

I loved:

Walking for miles down the beach in the light of the full moon, barefoot on the sand, hand-in-hand with the love of my life.

Just laying on my back in the water, floating in the waves.

The luxury of not cooking or even sparing a single thought for food preparation for 7 entire days...

Playing in the surf on a boogie board.

Walking in the jungle.

Fresh fruit - lots of it!

And oh, just the lovely flow of the days. Time writing in my journal, reading, knitting, talking, laughing, playing. Just the joy of it all.

It was so beautiful there. And the air so warm and humid. I felt my hair just curling up as soon as we got of the plane in Puerto Vallarta. That didn't last once I started swimming in salt water everyday... We didn't go on any tours - we just hung out at the beach, ate great food, and did whatever we felt like it when we felt like doing it.

For us, to have so much time with just each other was such a wonderful treat. There have always been kids around and responsibilities to take care of. And we love our kids and couldn't wait to get home to them. And we loved being away and alone together. We soaked up every single minute of it.

Funny thing - we met some great people down there - all from Kelowna. It was nice to have someone to have dinner with, hang out at the bar with and go boogie boarding with. Dean just couldn't get enough of that surf.

The hotel that we were at was right on the water - on the bay of a wee fishing village. There were always fishing boats in the water and the beach was a loud public beach - always something going on. The hotel also owned some space on a beach in an even tinier village a 20 minute bus ride away. There the beach was almost empty; it was quiet and the waves were just right for boogie boarding. The bus took us there at 10am and brought us back at 3pm. We went there for 3 of our days.

I did find the way of selling/buying things difficult to take. I felt sooo Canadian... it was just so vulgar... And when the people are so poor, hard to offer less than the pittance they were asking... I did get better at it but I wouldn't call myself a pro... We did manage to get some gifts for all the kids and a few things for ourselves.

And the country was so beautiful but there was garbage everywhere. Everywhere. I thought "such a beautiful country but so unloved." I guess the people are so preoccupied with surviving that they can't think about the environment...

And the kids? Drew had a blast with Erin in Vancouver. Kaetlyn took wonderful care of the house, chicks, chickens, dog and cats and Rhiannon got the royal treatment at Bozenka's. We couldn't help but think how much fun they would all have in such a place... next time...

So here I am, back in the cold with wonderful warm memories, feeling very grounded and grateful and full up.

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hey, you look beautiful in your pictures! that's awesome you had such a good time and the weather was good, etc.
I remember thinking something very similar about the landscape when I went to mexico last year--'bout it being so gorgeous but so....undervalued. it was probably worse at the parts of the baja I was in. beautiful beaches turned into junk yards. it was pretty depressing.
anyways! welcome home!