Thursday, December 13, 2007

Why I Do It

Well, after starting our window washing business in March of 2005 as a way of funding our 'creative' lifestyle, we now have almost 500 customers. I got almost all of those customers by going door to door with my little yellow cards that I give to those who answer the door and leave in the door of those who don't. There are thousands of them out in Vernon, Coldstream and Lavington. This last year, I didn't have to canvas much - our regular customers kept us busy enough. They kept us going full blast right into the first week of December. But now, to keep the home fires burning, I need to brave the cold and get out there and canvas.

Some would think this could be demoralizing and shameful for me to do. But the truth is, I don't mind going door to door. I'm the daughter of a top salesman, after all. I enjoy the walk and being outside and I am not doing a 'hard sell'. Either you are interested in having your windows washed or you are not. And the no's don't bother me. My spiel takes less than 30 seconds. I am usually in a pretty good mood while I am out there doing it.

Yesterday I was reminded of exactly why I do it. I was walking down East Hill heading from violin lessons to the homeschooler's skate at the rec centre. In front of my was my 14 year old son, handsome and tall, who had just picked up my backpack and shouldered it himself without me suggesting. Beside him was my 7 year old daughter, happy and excited to go skating, running ahead of me to keep up with her brother. They come to a street to cross. They don't wait for me, (I am now more than half a block behind). She just reaches up and takes his hand and they cross together.

This is why I do it. So that they can have this moment together and so I can be hear to see it. It's all worth it and I am filled with gratitude at this great blessing - for my whole life - my wonderful friends, my children, my husband, our home and lifestyle and how it all comes together. For this I would canvas every single night... luckily I don't have to.

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Mary-Sue said...

Wow. You captured that moment so perfectly for yourself and for all of us. It's such a simple thing, but the simple things that really make a difference in life, hey? Brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful! Thanks, Andrea!