Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Mexican Promises

In Mexico, in the wet sand, Dean and I created a ritual, thinking about the last 10 years together. We wrote in the sand the things from the last 10 years that we wanted to release - all the resentments and other patterns that we want to let go of. We made a pact with each other that the past is really finished and as we step into this new decade together, that we won't bring any past resentments with us. We can't bring them up in arguments or fights. We brought the shell that we wrote in the sand with home with us and we are going to mount and frame it to remind us.

I must admit, as we made the pact, I did feel just the tiniest of twinges... I mean, there is so much good stuff there for ammunition... really? none of it? I can't use it? I grew up gathering ammunition. I must admit that my brothers were much nicer than me... although John does insist to this day that I bent his rim and I swear I didn't.... not to mention that sucker he ate of mine when I was 6... (and he was 3)... so do you think I really can? Let go of all that stuff? Never use it against Dean again? Let's hope he fares better than my little brother...

I think I can... It felt good to let go and let the tide sweep the slate clean. Here's to a fresh start.


Heather said...

Wow, what a wonderful idea. I love that. And such a great idea to mount the shell where you can see it in your home, no doubt (no doubt!) there will be times when you will both need to be reminded of your pact and what a lovely way to do it.

Mary-Sue said...

Beautiful, Andrea. I think you can. Forgiveness will be a big part of it... even forgiveness if you slip... what an incredible new beginning! here's to new beginnings!!!