Sunday, April 01, 2007


Last night Redfish played up at Silver Star at the Grizzly Den last night - their way of saying thank you to those up there who helped make their recording stint up there possible and enjoyable. Dennis Laurence organized it and is managing the Grizzly Den. He has been a steadfast supporter of Redfish since about 3 months into their existence and he has been the organizer of some of the coolest and funnest Redfish gigs in their 9 year history. And this was no exception. Although the space was small, the ceiling was low (well, not really low but lower than the high-ceilinged places like Monashees or Okanagan Landing Hall and places like that...) and the room had a warm sound - not all echo-ey and full of reverberations that hurt my ears.

I was there by myself so I had no one but the other 'fish wives' to hang out with. And I danced and I danced. And there was a great crowd dancing - great energy. There is always a special energy up there on top of the mountain, surrounded by snow, trees and other mountain peaks. And I danced and I danced and sweat was running down my temples and my back and underneath my breasts and I danced. And I was lost in the sheer joy of music and of dancing. I danced in my sock feet which is my favourite way to dance. And I was completely unconscious of how my body was moving. I was the music, the beat, the sweet guitar, the thrumming bass. My body moved and I was swirling and moving and my spirit soared in a way that has nothing to do with alcohol - only the mood alteration of the music.

And high above it all, I thought about dancing. I thought about this ecstatic experience. Is this what 'holy rollers' were trying to achieve - this oneness with energy? And all my dancing experiences were there with me. That room with the high ceilings and high windows where I took my first dance lessons at 5 years old - creative dance. I use some of the same exercises with the kids in my dance classes (the fairy game was always how we ended class). Then my first ballet class when I was 6 in the community hall in downtown Prince George - across from the coliseum. I was hooked. Ballet was to be my passion for the rest of my life. Although I no longer dance it, I am still in-love with it. But I always loved all kinds of dancing. I loved it when we learned how to square dance in school and different folk circle dances. I even like line dancing (although I wouldn't seek it out).

And I remembered the dances when I was a teenager. One thing mormons really know how to do is dance. Sometimes there was a dance at the church almost every week end. And we danced and danced like we did last night - Victor Quickenden, Dennis Santos, Dean Gregson, Karine, Mary, Lisa, Jill and I - to the strains of Doug and the Slugs, the Powder Blues, "Boys in the Bright White Sports Car", the Beach Boys and the Beatles.... We danced and danced like I did last night and they were all there with me, like we used to be, in my mind. Is it any wonder I married the DJ?

What makes a good dance experience? Good music, good acoustics and lots of fellow dancers who are all in a good mood. If there are not enough dancers, I feel self conscious. If there is a 'pick up' vibe, I cannot relax. Last night everything came together. It was the best time dancing I have had in a long time. I spent most of the night dancing in front of the guitarist who is never sexier to me than when he is playing guitar. The closest we can come to dancing together at moments like that.

This joy of dancing is what I strive to achieve with the little dancers who come to my class. (my next set of dance classes started this last week) When you let children dance and bring out what is inside of them, it is amazing what you see - inspiring, beautiful, soulful. And last night I was in touch with my inner dancer. And today I am recharged, rested and not stiff at all!

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Monique said...

Wow - sounds like I missed a great time. I totally relate to how you describe dancing - for me it is total grounding.