Saturday, March 08, 2008

Blog Crisis

Okay, I will admit it here. I have been having a bit of a blog-o-crisis. When I first started writing a blog almost 3 years ago, it was ostensibly to stay in touch with my 6 sisters - 4 of whom also blogged (and I would be the 5th with one sister who does not blog). Now one of my sisters hasn't blogged in about a year and I know that my sisters seldom read my blog. I have google analytics and there have only been 8 hits from Nanaimo in the last 30 days. 7 hits in the month before and 7 in the month before that. Time to face facts. I know one sister who lives in Victoria reads it and one other in Vancouver may occasionally read it. So things change.

I had been blogging for about a year before I shared that fact with any of my close friends. Now many of my friends check out my blog and other people who I don't know, even. Not that I have a huge readership for my sporadic, unorganized blatherings but I don't know who I am writing to. And I don't just do it for myself. I have a pen-and-paper-journal for that where I get far more personal that anyone else would want to know about! I do blog for an audience.... Anyways, when I was writing for my sisters, I would think of things I wanted to tell them about, share with them or aspects of myself I wanted them to know about me. But when it seemed no one was listening any more (for whatever reason - all legitimate, I am sure and I'm not taking it personally) I started to not know what to talk about.

So this is almost like starting over again. What do I want to share of myself and who am I sharing it with? I'm afraid I am a bit all over the place. I know I read other blogs and there is a wonderful coherence to their topics. But my brain doesn't work like that. I am one day consumed with my love for my family and another with some political topic and another with my garden/chickens/home and some other time I have some rant to air. Whatever it is that grabs me, it won't last enough to have an entire blog address on that topic I want to blog more often - more regularly. So here is a new start of fresh growth emerging from the all-to-fertile humus of my mind! Watch for a contest soon to 'out' my readers.

Just another ramble!


Dragonflydownunder said...

Just say whats on your mind...I enjoy reading you...:) and I love your pictures.

Laura said...

andrea. i check your blog at least once a day when i'm home.