Sunday, March 09, 2008

In Search of Cool

No one who knows me well would say that I am cool. Maybe my children when they were younger - before they are old enough to know what cool means. Maybe then they might have thought I was cool. Not to worry, they soon grew up to understand otherwise... But I am not and I know it. And I never was, really. Growing up in Terrace, I would rather be warm and dry than cool and I always cared a lot more about comfort than looks. And hey, I grew up in Terrace! Even if I thought I was cool then, I would have just been a small town hick. My style now is a cross between hippie and sporty. I often wear the same thing for days on end because it is warm, comfortable and hey, it saves on laundry. I get my hair cut once a year.

But.... the big day is coming. There is a CD release party up on Silver Star next Saturday. This CD is a really big deal. They have gone about it as professionally as possible. I have heard a few of the songs in their rough state and I think this CD is going to be awesome and a really good representation of where the band is at right now and the talents of its members. So on Saturday I need to look like the wife of a rockstar. My 'dress up' clothes are sadly depleted through lack of need. Most of what I have makes me look like I am ready to go to work in an office...

Of course, when I ask Dean what I should wear, he says "wear something you feel comfortable in..." Nevertheless, I don't think my jeans and sweater would be a big hit. So I have an appointment to get my hair cut and my legs waxed and I'm meeting a friend at Value Village to find myself something to wear. Oh c'mon! You didn't think I was going to get THAT cool, did you?


Heather said...

Hi Andrea, I enjoy reading your blog and all your many thoughts and ideas. It is nice to read about all your different hopes, goals, and plans - chickens and all.

P.S - I think you ARE cool!! ;-)

Mary-Sue said...

oh come on. what does COOL mean anyway? if YOU aren't cool, then that makes me uncool too. and I AM cool. so there. can't wait for our shopping date! yeeeeHAW!
you DO look like THAT rockstars wife! he loves you for who you are! you know that, i know. we'll find you something funky and bohemian to bring out the celtic gypsy in you... ;o)

Andrea said...

Thanks, Heather! And thanks Mary Sue! I'm looking forward to it, too and that is EXACTLY the look I am looking for!