Monday, March 17, 2008


Well, you can't really get the full effect of my 'cool' outfit. For some reason, I was not the main photo attraction... So I took this photo of myself at the end of the night.

Dean and I were fooling around in the bathroom (not like that
get your mind out of the gutter!) taking pictures of ourselves. This is my favourite. He's looking at me and I'm looking at the reflection of the camera in the mirror. I did wear make up but it looks like it is almost all rubbed off by then.

And Mary Sue? That necklace got as many compliments as my 'outfit'. (is there a better word? I feel like my mother everytime I say that word and I remember her saying 'pantyhose' and 'brazier')

So, the gig? By some respects it was a huge success. The place was PACKED!! They sold lots of CD's. Dean got many compliments for his ripping guitar solos. However the sound was so tragically 'off'. It was WAY too loud so the sound was really distorted and Eddie couldn't hear himself singing so was often off key... but then, it was so blasted loud, you couldn't really tell anyways unless you were listening carefully and I have a most unflattering (to Eddie) video clip which I won't share. There was somebody there filming the entire thing but I am pretty sure most of the footage will be unusable unless the delete the sound track...

There were also some unfortunate band politics that were a bit of a disapointment for the evening and in retrospect we wish we had made different decisions. BUT we had lots of friends come up there and we had a lot of fun with them both before and after the gig. However, Dean kind of got ripped off the 'party' aspect of CD release party so we will be remedying that very soon!


Karey said...

I like that pic of you and Dean. i love your hair cut! said...

"andrea looks really nice!" comments andreas as he glances at your blog which i'm reading at the time. i concurr!

Laura said...

and i love the hair too AND the necklace, i love.