Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sent back inside

I have been outside these past few days. Outside trimming trees, gathering sticks and waging war on burdock. Now I know burdock has healing properties and the Japanese even eat it but I have enough here to supply the Japanese army with burdock... Now I am planning on making Burdock Beer from the recipe in my herb calendar book but I think I will have enough burdock that will survive my wrath to make that. I have been pulling up and cutting down (whichever is easiest) the old burdock from last year and burning it and all its plethora of seeds. I even go around and pick up the seeds off the ground, making huge velcro balls of seeds. I try to be careful but I end up with burs in my hair, on my clothes and shoes. Today I am covered with invisible pricklies on my feet - tiny remnants of last night's battle. And then, I burn them all. With glee. Thinking of all the burdock that won't be growing around my home this year.

Here is the picture outside my window just minutes ago... Today it is cold so I am indoors feeling a bit at a loss... what? housework again?!

You know what they say about March... "In like a lamb, out like a lion". Rhiannon wanted to know where I learn such sayings. She asked me if it was from the 1960's.... I told her I thought it was a little older than that....

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Mary-Sue said...

burdock wars, yes, i know them well. when i pull the burrs off our clothes i don't even put it in the compost! i put it in the GARBAGE! and you know what THAT means for ME!!! but burdock beer? hmmmm! that sounds like fun!!
older than the 1960's? LOL! just how old are you? a few centuries, i'm thinking :o)