Thursday, February 15, 2007

Monday on the Hill

So Monday was our next ski/board day up at Silver Star. So Sunday night I went up the hill to pick Dean up as he could come back with us the next morning. I came early so I got to be there for an hour of the recording of a song and got to see the bed tracks laid for the very last song on the CD. Or the last one recorded, anyways. I loved doing that. There was such great energy in the room and I was so proud of Dean and so happy for him. I think this CD is going to be awesome. The power of creativity was almost palpable up there.

So the next morning, Rhiannon wakes up sick. Too sick to go skiing. As she loves skiing as much as I do, I knew she must really be sick! I think she really needed to spend some time with her dad. So we drove up the hill and delivered Drew to his boarding lesson and Rhiannon, Dean and I went over the the house where the band has been living and recording. Rhiannon kept calling it "Daddy's place" which Dean kept correcting. "My place is with you...." It was sweet!

Rhiannon and I spent the morning there at the house. She cuddled with Daddy and watched a movie together and wrestled with him and swam in the hot tub. I cleaned the disgustingly dirty kitchen. It was only 1 days worth of mess but it looked like 3 days worth of mess! I also made some bread and some peanut brittle for them. Rhiannon and I came down the hill around 2pm and Drew got a ride home later with some friends.

Here are some pictures of the house:

This is actually the master bedroom at the very top of the house. This is where the producer, Randy Cantor lived and worked. Doesn't look much like a bedroom, does it? Looks more like a studio....

And this? This is the living room... you can see the tv, right? Amidst all those cords and drums...?

And this is my favourite guitarist. See that look on his face? When I see that look, I know that he sees me for a minute through all the epic music he is making.

He came home yesterday afternoon. That part of the recording is done.


Mary-Sue said...

wow. cool. fun to see. so cute to see Rhiannon's little white body "swimming" in the hot tub. hee!

Sarah said...

must be nice to have him back

Dragonflydownunder said...

Congratulations!! Great achievement!

Andrea said...

yes, it is!