Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Saturday Hike

On Saturday afternoon it was between going to the jazz club or going hiking. We went hiking in Kal Lake Park - me and one of my favourite hiking companions. And wow! Walking through that slush gave my calves a good work out!

The view was beautiful, as usual. Here are some of our shots.

But my heart breaks as I walk along the path I have walked for so many years and I see trees that were strong and healthy only 2 years ago now looking like this.

When Andrew was only 5 and we came hiking here with his friend, his friend's training wheel kept falling off. We left it at the base of this tree as we finished our hike down to Cosen's Bay. This tree won't be there much longer.

And it isn't just one tree here or there - it is whole groves of Ponderosa Pines. I could have several shots here of different groves that all look like this. What is Kal Park going to look like in a couple of years? What is our province going to look like in a couple of years?

I was raised in this province - mostly up north amongst dense forests of pine and spruce. I hear it is unbelievable to be up there and see the decimation of the forests.

What have we done? And why does it take us so long to wake up? We need drastic measures now! We know what to do, we just have to do it. The government needs to find a back bone and quit catering to big business. Have you watched 'The Corporation' and "Inconvenient Truth" and "Who Killed the Electric Car"? Watch them and start thinking about what you can do right now. We are the world.

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Mary-Sue said...

it's SO scarey to lose trees like this, isn't it. trees that have watched our children grow up, have watched us grow up. except that it's time to REALLY grow up and start taking responsibility... i agree. thanks for this...