Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Violin Recital

Last night was an informal violin recital for one of Rhiannon's teachers. Rhiannon played 'Song of the Wind' from the Suzuki book 1 that she is going to play for the music festival in Salmon Arm. Here is my photo essay on last night's violin recital:

A shy beginning

Getting set up


Happy with herself

And then of course, it wouldn't be complete without pictures of playing under the chairs while the older kids play their pieces... that's the funnest part... well... almost!

I took a digital video of her piece so you can see Rhiannon play her piece on youtube here.


Karey said...

she is so cute. i love her red shoes :)

Miranda said...

Fun to watch Rhiannon growing and learning and see the difference since last summer! Thanks for sharing.