Friday, January 09, 2009

Australia here I come!

Well, not really (I wish!). I am talking in the symbolic sense. I had a great dream last night. I dream that I was moving to Australia. I was filled with excitement and joy. Most of my things were packed already. I was ready to go. I was especially excited because I was taking all the things for the Inner World School and I was going to start fresh there - opening a school and offering classes. I was bursting with enthusiasm and plans. I was thinking of people that I know who live in Australia who would be glad to see me, too.

I woke up filled with the same enthusiasm and joy even though I'm not going to Australia just now. In my dream Australia symbolized a new start, a release of old patterns and disappointments - it was a fresh, warm start. Australia was the land of opportunity for many a long time ago. (I've been watching a lot of Dickens dramatizations lately while I knit.)

What was it triggered by? (besides Dickens) The massive re-organizing and cleaning I have been doing of 'my studio'? I have unpacked boxes that have been packed for 5 years. I have sorted through papers that have been unsorted for far too long. I have been releasing old patterns and disappointments. I have been dreaming up new plans. Or maybe it is because last night before going to bed I scrubbed and scrubbed my kitchen floor. Housework is always symbolic to me. Last night I washed away the dirt of the past year. And went to bed and had a great dream! I am still excited. Australia here I come!

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yay!!! good luck on your journey!