Sunday, January 11, 2009

Midnight Photo Shoot

Well, not quite midnight... Looking after my husband's dog while he was out playing guitar got me outside late at night. (don't tell Dean as I was supposed to have fed him hours earlier...) Again I am grateful for these chores that get me out of doors when I otherwise wouldn't be.

The light was magical. One evening short of a full moon, it was blazing above the clouds. I couldn't see it but it lit up the clouds like the sun had just set. The sky had pale blue and pink in it and I had no need of a flashlight to find my way to the gate. The trees in the apple orchard were stark against the dim white with their dusting of fresh snow and the evergreens (okay, I can't tell the difference between pines, firs and spruce but I think these are not pines as they are not dying from beetle infestation) looked very dramatic. Of course an ordinary camera cannot do this dark scene justice but I like these pictures just the same.

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beetlemack said...

yah, the moon was so bright here too, i love it. i was just reading some really interesting things about the moon and how women should sleep with the moonlight on their face and stuff. ever heard that before? it was from the book 'alkalize or die', i forget who wrote it, but it's really good. i think you'd like it.