Monday, January 19, 2009

The Obsession

Its not another woman, drugs, gambling, sports on TV or race car driving. Its guitars. My husband is obsessed with guitars. Leisure time for him is reading about guitars and other people's opinions about guitars on Harmony Central or thumbing through his well-thumbed guitar catalogues. What bothers him most is people who barely play guitar and own several expensive models. I have been encouraging him to make a plan and get another guitar. This fall after extensive research and driving me crazy asking for my most uneducated opinion, he started making payments on a Reverend Volcano. All he wanted for Christmas and his birthday (Jan 14) was money on his guitar and it is what we all gave him. It is almost all paid for now.

We went down to Kelowna today to make another payment. He started by making payments on the honeybrown one but is now thinking that he wants the white one. Hanging on the wall I think the wood one is by far prettier but after seeing them both on him today, I have to say (although I haven't admitted it to him yet) that the white one does actually look better on him. I won't say it because I already have to listen interminably to how this guitar looks on him. Good grief! He is worse than a girl! (does this guitar make my butt look big?)

Anyways, today I amused myself by taking pictures. I might have just brought the obsession closer to home, though. Now all he wants to do is sit at the computer and disect each picture. Which guitar?!?

The honeybrown one.

The white one.

The honeybrown one?

Or the white one?

I took 50 pictures today. I had to amuse myself somehow! I tried different settings and doing different things like twisting the camera while I was taking a picture. Here are my two favourites.

7 comments: said...

I say go white.

Laura said...

cool twisty pics. i am with you. the honey brown in prettier but the white one looks better on dean.

katie said...

i never thought about how guitars look on people before, but now that you bring it up, i think the white one looks better too.

Andrea said...

Well, he called to day and changed it to the white one... hopefully that is the end of that!

beetlemack said...

i suppose it's boring for me to say i agree with you too, about the honey brown and white. i think that its funny and cute how dean is about guitars.

Andrea said...

now why would your opinion be any more boring than anyone else's?! And Dean says thank you to all of you for your comments. He has been reading them all.

Monique said...

Dean - you remind me of my dad trying to pick a vehicle!

And I know I am one of those people with a cool guitar who barely plays it that bugs you - admit it - LOLOL.

Actually, I play it a lot. I just spread it out over my lifetime. Ha ha ha.