Tuesday, July 11, 2006

30 Day Challenge Update 1

So, how are you doing on the 30 Day Callenge? So far I have managed. I almost forgot and went to Subway on my birthday for beach food but luckily didn't feel like eating so much bread. (whew! I remembered later that Subway is a CHAIN!). We went to Kal Lake Store instead and got wraps. They were pretty darn good, too. I got the Thai chicken salad one.

I had a close call on Sunday night, too. Kaetlyn needed new batteries for her insulin pump and more insulin. The little pharmacy we usually go to (Hogarth's Pharmacy) which has superior service and the best prices, anyways, is not opened on the week end. In fact the only place that is open that sells insulin and batteries at the late hour she told me she needed them was Superstore. So I bought them at Superstore. I figured for diabetes I could make an exception. Although, this Friday I will make sure that I get some before Hogarth's closes in case she runs out on the week end again. What did diabetics do in the old days when everything was closed on the week end? Did you get to keep your pharmacists home number? Go to the hospital? Or did people live more organized lives and just never did something as stupid as running out of insulin on the week end...

I have yet to replace my broken favourite sandals. I am wondering about trying to fix them instead. Buy some of that shoe goop and glue the soul back together. I do love those sandals... I've just never heard of shoe goop really working on sandals... I did check out a small shop on main street (Vernon Shoes) but the only sandals they had in my size cost more than $100...

I have made some pleasant discoveries. Like Super A Foods in Polson Mall has delicious freshly grated Parmesan (and it really is freshly grated) and they sell it for only $2 a container. It was really, really good on top of my zucchini. I'm really enjoying my 30 day challenge... maybe I'll extend it. How about you?

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