Tuesday, July 18, 2006

30 Day Challenge Update 2

Well, it has been 2 weeks of my 30 day challenge. Let's see. I bought some shoe goo and glued my sandal back together. Thanks to the advice in my tagboard, I am going to let them sit before using them for the maximum suggested 72 hours. 2 more days without my sandals... Today I wore Laura's clogs and got blisters on the top of my foot from walking down the railroad tracks (after taking the bus home). I guess they are not a good long distance walking shoe... Other than that, I have been enjoying it. I've spent more money at the Farmer's Market than I would usually and it makes me wonder why I don't do that more often.

I have one day left of my dance workshop. I have 5 girls attending and we are having a lot of fun. At least I am really enjoying it. We are studying dance. On Monday I brought in my video of Baryshnikov dancing the nutcracker. I thought we would just watch a little of it but they loved it and we ended up watching he whole thing. Then they were trying to jump like Baryshnikov for the rest of our dancing time. Today we studied jazz and I had a guest instructor come in. She was a beautiful, tall young woman with a graceful, dancer's way. But she just led them through a series of exercises and didn't really give them a taste of jazz. I wish Kyle was closer so he could have come and helped me out. We did use jazz type music for the rest of our dancing activities and I tried to be jazzy myself... I couldn't get a guest instructor for tomorrow so I have several different videos of different kinds of dance. We'll have to make do with those. Hopefully that will be better, anyways.

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