Sunday, July 09, 2006

Interior Pics

So here are some pictures from the inside of my house. Of course, you would get a much better view if you actually came to visit me....

Here is my bedroom. Notice the hammer on the bed? (really, its not for Dean, its because I just finished hanging some more pictures on the wall...honest) And this is another view of my room - I have windows on two walls - great breeze on hot summer nights... (probably a draft on cold winter nights...)

Here is Rhiannon's room - still decorated for the 9 year old boy who lived here before in spider man style.... We'll paint eventually... She loves her skylight.

Here's Kaetlyn's room which is really the masterbedroom - there's just as much room behind me as there is in front.

And here is the view from the bathroom window. If you lay in the huge claw foot tub and look outside, this is what you see. It's particularly gorgeous just as the sun is setting with no lights on in the bathroom. You'll have to try it when you come to visit.

And this is the beginning of what is going to be a really great room - there are windows on three sides of the room. It is a kind of library/homeschooling room - there is a table where we can leave our crafts out or my sewing projects. Right now it is mostly stuffed with junk and boxes that have not yet been unpacked... But you can get an idea from this corner, of what it will be like in the end, right?

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