Monday, July 03, 2006

Happy Anniversary

(And happy anniversary to you, too, Sarah and Kyle!). So there we are 7 years ago. July 3, 1999. Getting married. I love the picture - the large granite boulders up on the hill on Coldstream Ranch - so symbolic to me.

So I don't know what to say about that that isn't corny or cliche or sentimental. I think relationships are the hardest work there is (for me, anyways). Finding a way to live authentically AND respect what is authentic in the other. To be understanding, kind and gentle with yourself AND be understanding, kind and gentle with the other. I am grateful to Dean, to my husband, for entering in to this contract with me. For the good times and for the tenacity to keep working through the times that aren't so good. I admire his willingness to look at himself in ways that he never thought he would have to and for supporting me and continuing to love me as I face things in myself.. The dependability of his love, his loyalty, the tenderness of his heart and his kindness to me - these are the gifts he offers me - for these I am the most grateful.

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