Friday, June 30, 2006

The Appeal of Polygyny

Did you know that the mormons did not practise polygamy? No. It was polygyny. Polygamy only means plural spouse and there was deffinitley no plural husbands going around. Polygyny means plural wives. And that is what the mormons did. Okay there is your sociology lesson for the day.

My good friend is here from Calgary. I always love our visits whether it is me visiting her or her visiting me. One of the things that I enjoy so much is just how easy household chores become. We just work together so well all the while chatting and laughing. We decide what to eat, we make it together. We make sure that we each get rest. We look after eachother's children. It just flows without a lot of effort. I love it. In these moments I can understand the appeal of polygyny. Not that I want to share my husband. But I can believe that there were some women - plural wives of the same man - who were devasted and heartbroken to be split up.

I suppose it doesn't mean that will happen everytime. My own great-great-grandmother - Jeremiah Hatch's second wife of 3 (the first one died before he married my ancestress so she was 1 of 2 wives). Aurilla Bard Hadlock didn't seem to harbour any great affection for the other wife. When the practise of polygyny ended in Utah, she was outta there with her kids and didn't look back.

But right now, I have am filled up with talking about myself and about my friend and our children and our lives. My kitchen is spotless. Our children are playing happily together. And I understand the appeal...

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