Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Spider Bite

Well, on Friday sometime during my feverish work on the Inner World School brochure, a bloodthirsty spider feasted on my bum. Yes, I have a collection of spider bites on my rear end. A rather large and sore collection. It must have bit me 4 - 6 (can't quite see well enough to count...) times all in the same place. My glands in my hip joint on the same side of my body swelled up to about the size of a squishy golf ball. Now the glands in my neck on the same side are also swollen so that my right ear hurts as well. Today it is just barely getting to the itchy stage but hurts to be itched. I've been applying tea tree oil and aloe vera gel. I don't really know if it is helping or not. So there you have it. What a place to get a spider bite!

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