Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sheeba, Oh, Sheeba Where Are You?

Sheeba, Shebitsyba, Shebooba, the silly softy, the meow machine, Sheeba the great bird hunter and mouse killer, where have you gone? Have you become an owl dinner? coyote lunch? Have you been hit by a car? got lost chasing a bird? Rhiannon wants to know, if you are in cat heaven, could you still come visit us. I tell her that you could only come in her dreams. She dreamed of you last night...

If you are already in cat heaven, we want you to know how much we loved you. If you are wandering, find a way home, we love you. We want to see you playing in the cardboard house that Rhiannon decorated for you; we want to hear your insistent squawk in the morning as soon as we get up, hungry for your cat kibble. We want to see you wrestling and playing tag with Jodi and curled up asleep with Tigger like one huge orange and black cat. We loved having you, Sheeba. You were a kind, loving and playful cat. Jodi and Tigger will miss their playmate and we will miss your warm, black silkiness. What a sorrow that animals never live as long as their owners. Sad that all of you that is left here is your litter box and black hairs in the places you liked to curl up. 2 years was a short time. We would have liked to have had you longer. Thank you for the time we did have. Sheeba, oh Sheeba, where have you gone?

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