Saturday, June 10, 2006

Things That Make Me Smile

Today was a smiley day. The thing that made me smile the most was playing with this. This week I bought myself something I have wanted for a looooong time. I first saw one of these 'trail bikes' when Kaetlyn was Rhiannon's size and I thought how fun that would be.... and then she was too big. And then I thought it would be fun to do with Andrew.... and then he got to big. So this week before Rhiannon got any bigger and as a reward for all that window washing, I bought myself one of these. Mine is midnight blue to match my bike (only I couldn't find a picture of a blue one). Today Rhiannon and I went for a long (well, way longer than she could have done on her own) bike ride. She was so absolutely enthusiastic about the whole experience. She couldn't believe how far she had ridden. And she pedals and it really does help going up hills. We rode all the way to Kal Lake Store (no idea how far that is - 5 minute car ride?) to get some buns for supper. It smelled so good out and the lake was beautiful and dramatic with waves lashing the shore as we spun on by and we were both so happy. I was right. It really is a lot of fun! I highly recommend it. We are going to be using that a lot! No more bus rides for us!

Here is another thing that made me laugh today. While in Kal Lake Store, I went up to the dairy cooler to get some whipping cream. As I came up to the cooler there was a woman about my age standing in front of me. Just as I came up, she let out a looong, loud, unmistakable sound. Yup, she passed wind. And then startled and embarrassed to know that I was right there, she jumped and ran out of the store. I laughed about that one all the way home. Why are we so embarrassed about natural bodily functions?

It was a happy day, a lighthearted day. And this song was going through my head... A song is a wonderful kind of thing, so lift up your voice and sing. Just start a glad tune let it float let it ring and lift up your voice and sing...

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