Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Another Night or Torture

Nevermind that it was 35 degrees yesterday and my house has East/West exposure (well actually this house as E/W and S/N exposure...). Okay, nevermind that it was 35 degrees and I live in a freaking glass house and it only cooled off to 17 degrees by 6am which means that for most of the night it was above 20 degrees...(see the last 24 hours http://www.theweathernetwork.com/weather/24h/pages/WJV.htm?CABC0312 ) Never mind the heat. Nevermind that I rode my bike into Vernon and then all over downtown handing out brochures and then home again in the heat of the day. Nevermind the physical exhaustion. I took Rhiannon down to Kal beach and swam at 10pm until we were deliciously cool. We came home and flopped into bed, happy and refreshed - read 2 chapter of James and the Giant Peach and we both fell quickly to sleep in our respective beds.

At 1:30 she woke me up, knocking on my door. She kept calling me - usually just as I was drifting into dreamland. Again and again and again until 3am when the sky was lightening and I threatened to sleep in the van in some shady spot far away from here.... Everyone was awake by then - Drew and Dean, too. Finally, she went back to sleep.

At 5:00am she is insisting that it is morning and she is getting up. At this point I am sleeping on the couch in hopes that Dean who has to work all day in the boiling sun will be able to get some sleep. There is some crying and yelling (on her part, although I felt like it) as I put her back to bed AGAIN! She slept then until 8am.

So today I am a slug. I blob. I had deep thoughts stirring in my brain I wanted to share on my blog but I can hardly string two sentences together. My fingers and toes are the size of sausages. My house desperately needs cleaning and my best friend is taking the all night bus to be here first thing tomorrow morning.... It is not a day I can slack off.

So my plan? Turn on good music and work like a tired maniac all morning and then sleep in the afternoon. Rhiannon has a violin lesson this afternoon at 4pm at the music school which means a bike ride in the stifling heat of the late afternoon and a big hill. Can I do it? Well, that remains to be seen.

This is Andrea with fingers and toes the size of sausages, and who is finding it impossible to sit up straight for any amount of time, signing off. I am sure there are several spelling/gramatical errors. My apologies... (as my head droops and hits the keyboard...) I'll correct them after my nap...

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