Friday, June 09, 2006


Today my friend graduated from UBC Okanagan (I'm sorry but UBC-O just sounds like part of an Old McDonald song or 'An old black dog sat on the back porch and ...'). I went to watch her receive her degree. I was so proud of her and many times tears were in my eyes and on my cheeks. I never attended my own graduation. I finished my last class August 19 and the grad ceremonies at UVic were not until November. By then I was living half a continent away in Winnipeg. So today, I walked through the auditorium with her, too, in spirit.

My friend looked so radient, so happy, so proud of her accomplishment. And I know what an accomplishment it was for her - the determination and the will. I have known her since a lifetime ago when I was 17 and we were both living in PG. I left PG a couple of years later but our paths crossed again here in the Okanagan. I feel that she is my soul sister - we have a connection like family - always there somewhere in the backgrounds of each other lives, able to confide in each other what is real in our lives. We have worked together in many different capacities and although our personalities are very different (like completely opposite) we always work well together because we have such respect for each other. She has been a real gift in my life. A sister and friend, working for the same goals whose faithfulness I know I can trust. I admire her and it was such a priviledge to be there today and share in this wonderful celebration with her and bask a little in her glow. Wow... It brings tears to my eyes still to remember the pure glow on her face as she walked through the auditorium. She DID it! Congratulations!

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