Sunday, September 18, 2005

Birthday Time

Rhiannon's party was this afternoon. She had 4 friends come over and it was fun. I just had it for 2 hours - from 1 - 3 so I didn't have to serve lunch. We played some organized games, then they ran around outside playing tag. I served a snack (munchie mix and veggies and dip). I made cup cakes and they got to decorate them themselves and then eat them. I had sprinkles, choc chips and real fruit gummies to put on. They really liked that. Then we opened presents. Last of all we had a pinata. I had put the goodie bags inside the pinata. But what is it with these pinatas? We had to get Kaetlyn and Drew to participate to get the dang thing open... And then it was over. Whew! Rhiannon got some nice gifts - some craft stuff, a Barbie, and some children's gardening stuff. It was okay as kid parties go - they were all nice and well behaved.

This week has been busy with getting set up with this new homeschooling program I am doing. Our Learning Consultant came on Friday. I really like her. She has 2 daughters - one is a year older than Rhiannon and then a 2 year old. They live in Lumby. Anyways, she showed me how all the forms work and helped me get started on the Learning Plans. I am almost finished Rhiannon's now but I haven't even started on Drew's. Then Saturday afternoon she had a get together for all the families that she is the Learning Consultant for (you know, Katie, you would be a really good Learning Consultant - you should check out SelfDesign). I really enjoyed the get together. Especially as we met another family that has 2 boys, 13 and 12 who are really nice boys (seem to be so far) and Andrew hit it off with them. Unfortunately they live out in Cherryville (small village 45 minutes Northeast of Vernon). I had great conversations with the parents as we all talked about our homeschooling experiences and philosphies. Rhiannon ran around with a pack of girls. So you could say that a good time was had by all. (I don't want to be left out of using geeky sayings and 'coon's age' has already been used twice this week)

So this is the week of truth. Will I have enough children to run my classes? I don't think all of them will go but I think at least a couple of them will... Lots of people express interest but when push comes to shove, where are they? Wish my neices were closer and could come to some of my classes...

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