Saturday, September 10, 2005


Well, 'the cousins' are gone. Doug came and got them a day early as they cut their hike short due (they said) to Carmen being sick and nothing at all to do with the cool and sometimes damp weather. I loved having them here. They are such amazing kids. Joshie with his serious and imaginitive ways. Madelaine (she taught me how to spell it) with her sweet friendliness. Caleb with his great energy and Mary who is just bubbling with cuddliness and love. But 5 days was just about right. I'm exhausted and I don't know how Delanie keeps her house so spotless and gets anything at all done. Having that many kids just consumes you! We had fun.

I didn't see any signs of lice but Rhiannon did get that hand and mouth disease thing which they had when they arrived. She has been super sick today with a fever - just laying in bed all day dozing in and out. It is very rare for her to be that lethargic with a fever - not even well enough to lay on the couch and watch a movie. She hasn't eaten anything all day except a 'fruitsicle'. She even threw up - which I think if from the fever. Apparantly she will get the sores tomorrow. Hopefully it won't go through all of us...

Funny, I heard that this 'disease' originated with Brenna and then went through Natalie, Michaelah, Maria and Tracy and then Doug's kids. And now it travelled all the way up here to go through mine. All in the family, eh? Even though I am so far away, I am somehow not immune.

Dean is playing at a local pub tonight. I went and had dinner with him there but I only stayed for the first 2 songs. I was just too tired and I was worried about Rhiannon. I am off to bed now.

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